There are three types of documents we can provide:

Fake Documents (also known as Darks) ($90)

These documents are not registered in government databases. They can be used on sites that are less secure and those that do not perform any background checks in government databases, sites such as Paypal.

We can provide documents for over 100 countries including the major ones like US, UK, Australia and Canada. To see if we can provide your desired country contact us trough the form below.

Real Documents ($450)

More expensive than fake documents, although still used by many. These are documents of real existing people, therefore they are registered in government databases. They are used to open more complex and elaborate account structures.

Delivery speed depends on availability.

Bank Statements and Utility Bills ($50)

These fall into a sub-category of Darks. We can provide bank statements and utility bills for over 100 countries with fast delivery time.


Only purchase these documents if you know what you are doing, if you don’t know you are most likely going to waste both the document your time.

Let us know your requirements/situation trough the contact form below and we’ll be glad to help.